3 Commonly Asked Microsoft AX Interview Questions


The major goal of applying any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is to provide a cost-effective alternative for the manual procedures. Microsoft Dynamics AX is one such global ERP software that is multi-language, multi-currency and industry-specific. It supports the operational as well as the administrative processes for those organisations that are in the manufacturing, service and retail sectors.

If you are going to face the interview for AX functional jobs, you need to be fully prepared. It is quite possible that you are confident, but still there are some specific questions that you should prepare well beforehand. Some of these are:

  •    What Skills Do You Think You Have to Make You an Ideal Candidate for This Project?

Depending upon for what position the client is recruiting, do a research on the size, scope and industry. Based on this research, position yourself for the post. To justify that you are the right choice, try to relate how your past experience will benefit the organisation if they hire you for the said role. The employer is hiring because he needs a resource and you should be able to convince that you are the right choice to fill the gap.

  •    What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?

This question is asked right from the time when one applies for his/her very first job. In this field, a core skill that is required is attention to detail. Who is a better person than a developer to know that? A simple misplaced semicolon can ruin the entire program. So, formulate your weaknesses in such a manner that they indicate that you are a pragmatic perfectionist. You can also think of some examples from your earlier jobs to prove your point.

  •    How Is Dynamics AX changing?

The interviewer may ask your views about the direction in which the industry is going. So, you should be up to date with the current trends in the industry. Going through some big annual event like a Microsoft Dynamics conference would be beneficial. Knowing some main points from any key speaker at the conference and quoting them appropriately will surely benefit you.

Like in any other interview, you should be prepared well and face the questions with confidence. Apart from the technical skills, your soft skills are also judged and hence you should present yourself as a complete package.


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