6 Effective Ways to Avoid Scams While Renting a Property


Learn How to Avoid Rental Property Scams and Stay Away from Troublemakers

Renting a property is usually a stress-free experience if you allow the renting agencies to step in. However, there are few scammers that can put into serious trouble, so you need to stay aware of the kind of scams that are quite common while renting a property and also learn how to avoid them.

Here are 6 effective ways to avoid scams while renting a property.

  • If you are using Internet to search rental houses, you have to be extra careful in handling things since most of the rental scams take place online. So, ensure that you don’t make any payment without meeting the landlord, and taking a good look at the house personally.
  • Get contacts for rental houses from a reputed and licensed local real estate firm. They will have access to several options in your vicinity. This can make sure that you are renting through a legal agency. Since the realtors have a good experience in this field, they can help you in finding the right property. You can also check for the license of the real estate agencies to make sure that they are genuine. Propertywide rental properties are one of the reliable and reputed real estate agencies in the United Kingdom.
  • Conduct an online search for the name of the landlord before contacting him. If the home owner is not distinct about answering some questions you ask him or hurries you to sign the rental agreement, this may indicate that he may not be the legitimate owner of the property, or something else could be wrong. Take measures to find out if he is the right owner before proceeding with the deal. If you are doubtful about the party you are dealing with, then don’t sign the rental agreement till you get all your doubts clarified.
  • Once you have taken a good look at the property, ensure that you talk to neighbors and check the owner’s name, contact details, character, and other info. If you have already contacted the owner, find out if he is the legal owner. Few scammers are known to rent property for around a month and plan many showings for one or two days. Prospective renters are given a tour of the house, making them believe that the person is the rightful owner. Later on, such scammers simply collect the advance payment and run to the hills!
  • Try to get recommendations from friends, family or other acquaintances as this can ensure utmost safety as far as rental scams are concerned. Irrespective of whether you are dealing with real estate agencies or landlords, you can stay assured that they are reliable.
  • Avoid any kind of dealing with the property owners who demand you to pay by making use of Western Union or any other kind of money transfer. Several online scammers make use of this kind of money transfers cheat people. In the same way, if a house owner asks you to something more than the amount that was agreed upon, and assures to reimburse the difference amount, it is most likely a scam.

Besides these pointers, there are many more aspects to be considered based upon the specific circumstances, and it’d be quite tough to actually point out all the things. So, be wary when you plan to take a property on rent.


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