Article Critique


Article critique writing is much more than giving a summary of someone else’s writing. In short, it’s an evaluation, an interpretation and an analysis of that content. It gives details on not just about the content’s main idea, but also reveals the purpose of the author, his intended audience and the way in which the author supports the statements in the article.

Article critique also finds any potential biases on the author’s part. Moreover, it’s a chance to examine the way in which the article is organized and decides whether the ideas or details are presented in a coherent and logical way. On an end note, it gives a viewpoint as to the credibility and usefulness of what the author has written on the topic that’s discussed.

It’s important to possess the skills to write a quality article critique for many good reasons. Many individuals develop their research on the basis of earlier research, which is why one should research what has been earlier established – whether through empirical proof or theory development. That implies scrutinizing the validity and reliability of what others have proposed or given through evidence or theory building. Moreover, one should have the ability to present the findings or thoughts of others related to one’s own opinions. Further, it’s important for an individual to precisely summarize the report of others as its relates to their own findings. This is why higher education students are asked to write article critiques.

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Whether it’s a scientific journal, a magazine, a website or newspaper article for which you need an article critique, our writers are experienced to write it for articles from all sources , giving readers a chance to understand the corresponding article’s main theme, its innovation, importance, the idea behind it and need for further research.

Do you have to write article critiques, but are not sure where or how to start and what to write? Or is it just that you don’t have the time to do a deep research and write one? Whatever the reason is that’s holding you back from writing article critique, our professional article critique writing services can help you accomplish your objectives.

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