Bentley Arnage T


Bentley Motors Limited took its decision to release the Bentley Arnage T at The North American International Auto Show held at Detroit. In the month of January, 2002, when the car made its debut, the Bentley Motors Corp highlighted the car to be the most powerful among the road going Bentley car of all the times and also as the fastest saloon in the world, which was built as a standard production saloon with four doors.

80 million GBP were invested in the evaluation of almost each and every area of the car to the adaptability of the demands of the 21st century. The first thing to be mentioned is the redesigning of the engine totally, which was developed from the popularly known 6 ¾ liter V8 configuration. The minimal component carry over has been stated as 50% and the 80% of the remaining was subject to re-engineering.

When compared to the single Garrett T4 turbocharger of Bentley Arnage Red Label, the boost is equal whatever is supplied by the two Garrett T3 turbochargers. The most important among the advantages of the twin turbochargers gives the reduced response time and more power.

The close coupled catalytic converters were heated up to their operating temperatures more quickly and hence the cutting emissions were gained. The recent engine was fully compliant with the existing and foreseeable legislation of global emissions to 2004. Bentley Arnage Red Label met some complications when the electronic units from EMS Zytek and Bosch needed the suitable adjustment to make it compatible.

By changing over to the entire management via Bosch Motronic ME7.1.1, the problem vanished. The recently released Bentley Arnage T almost completely used electronic circuitry from Bosch. A single belt drive, which is located in front of the engine, is replaced by the multiple belt system, which becomes the nightmare of the owner once a belt fails to operate.

The engine is built with 90 degree V configuration and 8 cylinders. The dimensions of the Bore x Stroke are 4.1 inches x 3.9 inches. The displacement of the engine is 6,750 cc. From the model year 2007, the maximum torque has been increased to 1000 N-m, while the wheelbase was altered to 122.7 inches. The maximum speed of the car is 168 mph. from the model year 2007 the maximum speed of the car is 179 mph. It also has an anti locking device and ventilated disc brakes.


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