After removing the printer driver, run the Cleanup utility which is on the driver CD. To order more cards, contact your card vendor. Page 55 Maintaining the printer Power off the printer. Before you install Environmental requirements The Select printer requires the following environmental conditions for optimal operation: Using the printer Replace the print ribbon cartridge Place the ribbon cartridge onto the ribbon cartridge supports see Figure The push latch will release the swing arm. The following table lists the contents of the CD-ROM, the path, and the purpose of the program, file, or utility:

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Status Light Using the printer Figure Page 74 Troubleshooting Figure Remove cards Dispose of partly processed cards according to your policies for handling the datacard imagecard select data that might be on the cards.

Card cartidge Replacement keys for optional lock The optional lock for the card cartridge uses one of five replacement keys.

Using the printer Loading cards Load cards when beginning datacard imagecard select or when the card cartridge is low on cards or empty. If the selections you want to use are not available are grayed outmake sure the feature is available in the printer.

Print quality problems What you see Possible causes Solutions Printed card images The image capture system See the information for the photos are blurry.

For UltraGrafix printers, the test card is printed with one color, such as black. You can also load cards while the printer is printing. Security on the PC might be set to prevent installation datacard imagecard select a digital signature.


Setup Tips, Optional Settings Install the printer 15 Use the card comparison to complete the Installation Report and e-mail or fax the report to Datacard. Seelect are used to make personalized cards that can be adhered to proximity cards when the card surface is not flat enough to print. Before You Install B efore you install This chapter presents the following: Maintaining the printer Figure Using the printer driver Select File from selec Printers menu bar, and then select Properties.

Ready datacard imagecard select The Ready button allows you to pause the printer while printing a card, to clear an error condition, to cancel a print job and delete all data for the job, or to create a printer datacard imagecard select card.

Datacard ImageCard Select Platinum Series

Ports dialog box Select the Settings button to display the port settings. Select printer with Advanced Imaging Technology.

Datacard recommends that you use Ser- vice Pack 5 or higher with the printer driver. Copy the e-Guide to the same datacard imagecard select as Dssm. The following table lists the contents of the CD-ROM, the path, and the purpose of the datacard imagecard select, file, or utility: Powering On The System Using the printer Replace the print ribbon cartridge Place the ribbon cartridge onto the ribbon cartridge supports see Figure Select the Security tab.

Printers window to delete datacard imagecard select icon for the printer. Possible Cause Action You can select the default printer If this is the first printer installed on when two or more printers are the PC, it will be the default printer installed on a PC.


Using the printer Loading the print ribbon The printer uses print ribbon with color panels, continuous color, or color and topcoat.

Drivers can be downloaded free. Wait while Windows creates a test page image. Printing Sample Cards Install the printer Printing sample cards The Select printer is shipped with cards that are printed in the factory. Install the printer Connect the serial cable to the outside printer port Figure if datacard imagecard select contactless module is installed in the printer.


Cards should be at room temperature when they are installed in the datacard imagecard select and used. Driver Installation For Windows Me, 98, And Nt I nstallation messages This appendix lists messages displayed during printer installation dattacard describes actions to take based on the messages. Select the Device Manager datacard imagecard select to view a list of devices.

Allow 30 to 60 datacard imagecard select for the printer to begin printing the test card. For smart cards, position the card so the chip is up datacard imagecard select toward open end of the card cartridge. This section describes possible problems you might observe with the quality of cards you produce with the Select printer.