Colour accuracy was also improved nicely with dE average now only 0. Squarer edges and thicker profile. There is a useful cable tidy hole as you can see from the images above. Good panel uniformity from our sample may vary. The Panel and Backlighting Unit. This ranged from 0.

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Unfortunately, such is not always the case in practice. The panel coating is a standard matte anti-glare AG coating.

It should be noted that we used the BasICColor calibration software here to record these, and so luminance at dell u2312hm monitor settings may vary a little from the LaCie Blue Eye Pro report.

There is also a standard kettle lead power connection as the screen has an integrated power supply. Some of the professional dell u2312hm monitor models from Dll are even more accurate. Privacy Policy and Cookies.

The input lag was incredibly low and basically this screen had no lag at all. It is also free of the very noticeable contrast and colour tone shifts you see from TN Film dell u2312hm monitor vertically.

Excellent work here from Dell to bring lag down to such a low level. Graphics card settings were left at default with no ICC profile or calibration active. By default it is turned on, but we will test both settings later on in the review out of interest. Some models are starting to use ambient light sensors and dynamic brightness control which I think can be useful for office use. Kindle, iPad and other tablets Please visit our Dell u2312hm monitor for more information and to download a copy.

I’ve provided a comparison above dell u2312hm monitor the UHM against some of the other screens we have tested in a similar size range.

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Neither of dell u2312hm monitor facts has changed admittedly since the UH but Dell have decided to use this new naming scheme this year. To dell u2312hm monitor end user this doesn’t really signify a massive difference in real terms. Very good ergonomic adjustments available from the stand allowing you to obtain a comfortable position for movie viewing.

Dell UltraSharp UHM Specs – CNET

This is based on the OSD brightness setting which controls the backlight intensity, and therefore has a direct correlation to the power consumption. This has been confirmed by Dell u2312hm monitor. However the Dell brand, support and the feature set of the screen attracts this slightly moitor price and it’s still well worth a look in the 23″ sector.

The UHM has more rounded edges dell u2312hm monitor the bezel and stand compared with the rather square appearance of the UH. The back of the screen is again a matte black plastic and dell u2312hm monitor nicely rounded and enclosed well. There’s not much in it when comparing the pixel responsiveness of the UHM and older UH but the older model perhaps has the slight edge I think as the overshoot dell u2312hm monitor pale and slightly less obtrusive than the dark overshoot of the delll model.

Panel Uniformity – The UHM wins here with a much better luminance uniformity than the UH from our tests Office and Windows – Nothing to really separate them here Viewing angles – again, nothing mnoitor really separate them Movies Overall – I’ve given the slight edge to the UH because of its better calibrated black depth and contrast ratio, which will help with shadow detail and darker scenes.


With a pixel pitch of 0. Again, you can use our settings and try our calibrated ICC profile if you wish, which is available in our ICC profile database. When you enable OD the blur is reduced but there is still some minimal motion blur detectable.

On the other hand I was a little disappointed by the quite low contrast ratio of The monitor maintains a reasonably thin profile dell u2312hm monitor is attractive. Watching the OSD menus energy bar also allowed you to see what was being changed and it remained static throughout.

Full ergonomic adjustments, 4x USB 2. Default colour dell u2312hm monitor was good as well, and responsiveness was very good, making it one of the faster 23″ IPS models we have tested for sure. It’s not something you’d notice in practice, dell u2312hm monitor you do have to look very closely to see it. This was quite comparable of course to the other W-LED models we have tested when you compare calibrated and standby power consumptions although in many cases it was a monihor lower.

Performance tests will of course vary but features, OSD 2u312hm remain montior similar between the two models.

Calibrated Static Contrast Ratio – as a static number of The u2312h, section allows you to change the quick launch keys if you wish.