Bret 7 years ago. If I had my druthers, all of the clubs we test would come to us with no identifying characteristics whatsoever no logos — nothing , as I believe it would be the only way to completely eliminate bias, and pre-conceived notions from our testing process. The PowerPod II also offers hope for guys who struggle to keep their backspin numbers under control. Tuesday, March 15, The reality is that TigerShark probably knows this club isn’t going to have universal appeal.

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I have measured it with professional tools.

powerpod golf Some would even go so far as to tell you they’re basically the same thing. Both Jeff and Rob told us they were shorter than they usually are.

I have a feeling most of the testers would say the same thing. The link below is to a photo powerpof the original. Powerpod golf you can imagine, there were a few Hammer references, plenty of “what the hell powerpod golf this thing” questions, and my personal favorite, “It’s the Rocky Dennis of drivers”.

Tiger Shark PowerPod II Driver video |

Obviously, it is a challenge to fade the ball, but at powerpod golf it takes the right side of the golf course out of powerpod golf for me. Now I own one. There’s something I observe in nearly every test, which I can’t quantify powerpod golf, but I can tell you it’s the best indicator of what the LOP score will be. Since we all know golf is a mental game, the look alone puts this driver at a disadvantage.

While our numbers don’t gel with powerpod golf tester’s perceptions, we more or less get where they’re coming from. A closer look at the numbers shows that both Dan and myself were close to where I’d expect us to be as far as adjusted averages are concerned.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – TigerShark PowerPod II

With the Poweprod II, every one of my testers asked me how many more shots they had to hit at least once. He’s never hit a driver better. None of this really powerpod golf me. Sad to see a company taking a risk like this getting score in the C range.

If you’ve got a more conventionally shaped driver, and you’re hitting a decent number of fairways, and leaving yourself reasonable distance to the green, there’s very powerpod golf reason to consider swapping your current gamer for the PowerPod II. Frank R powerpof years ago.

However your needs are the most important regarding what type of bag powerpod golf should get. I have only played 2 rounds with the Powerpod II but I am hitting powerpd ball really straight. Our testers have a tendency to selectively remember only a few shots from their sample session. Robert — It is possible that one or two of our testers made up their minds before hitting the PowerPod II, but Powerpos also know that several of the guys are open to almost anything, and certainly gave the PowerPod II a fair shake.

While those clubs aren’t standard fare in the average golf bag, as far as powerpod golf are concerned, they’ve got nothing, and I mean nothing, on the new PowerPod Goolf from TigerShark. Once again, Powerpod golf suspect there are design elements at play all that mass behind the sweet spotand my guess is things like feel and sound powerpod golf, may have been afterthoughts.

powrrpod If they don’t like it, they’ll remember the shortest of the results. I am not exaggerating above the shaft is powerpod golf almost like a carbon whippy fishing rod. Fred Hein 7 years ago. Max Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: I was stationed in San Diego in the ‘s and in a strip mall by a watering hole I found the guy making these.

CONS The funky head shape is a real powerpod golf for several testers; easy to overdo a draw; many testers find distance to be poaerpod of their own powerpod golf.

TigerShark Golf Power Pod II Driver – The World’s First Slice Proof Driver – Haggin Oaks

Sign up for a new account in our community. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s powerpod golf testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. Out of 72 total test shots, 10 missed left by more than 50 yards. powerpod golf

Click here to cancel reply. Mine has a steel shaft. The powerpod golf Power Pod powerpod golf the same problem with hands being forced high at address. Most were actually extremely curious about the club, and really wanted to get their swings in…at least initially.