The DSC-P73’s 3x zoom lens features automatic focus control, with several fixed focus settings available as well, and an adjustable focus area. If you’re looking for a good “all around” camera for an affordable price, the Sony DSC-P73 deserves consideration. Overall, the DSC-P73 is a surprisingly speedy little camera. Playback-Mode Display In playback mode, the default image display shows the most recently captured image, with a modest information overlay present. Knowing the actual shutter speed can be very helpful in judging whether or not you’ll be able to successfully hand hold an exposure in dim lighting. The Zoom control in the top right corner of the back panel adjusts both optical and digital zoom when the latter is activated through the Setup menu.

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The Automatic setting removes all user control, with the exception of flash, macro, and resolution. It offers the convenience of point-and-shoot simplicity, but with enough advanced features to make it sony cyber shot dsc-p73 to take photos in otherwise challenging situations low light, fast action, etc. The LCD monitor fared much better, showing close to percent sony cyber shot dsc-p73 at both zoom settings.

This means that even when there are both dark and light areas in the picture the camera still functions well. The dsc–p73 AC adapter is useful for preserving battery power when reviewing and downloading images, but having a couple of sets of rechargeable batteries really eliminates the need for it apart from extended studio use.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73 4.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

Located just to the right of center on the rear sony cyber shot dsc-p73, this rocker control features four arrows, each pointing in a different direction up, down, left, and rightand a Set or OK button in the middle Sony describes it by its shape: This is on the small side for my liking and is one of the few drawbacks that the camera has.

A tripod is once again recommended. In Movie exposure mode, the camera captures either xor x pixel resolution moving images with sound for as long as the memory card has available storage space. While most users of the P73 probably won’t care, I like its side-mounted battery compartment, which makes it easy to change the batteries while the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Though you’ll sony cyber shot dsc-p73 need to call up the menu system to adjust the image quality setting.

And the cells that Sony ships with the camera are ddsc-p73 of good quality. Pressing the Display button beneath the LCD once adds a small “live” histogram display sony cyber shot dsc-p73 the information, pressing it again removes the information overlay, and pressing it a third time turns the LCD off entirely. The indoor portrait was very good compared to other cameras, whilst the DSC P73 handled the test for very low light exceptionally well.

For zooming cybdr there is a three times optical zoom lens. Resolution slny high, and the dollar bill, coins, and brooch showed a lot of fine detail.

While the DSC P73 can be used in fully automatic mode where all you need to do is turn the sony cyber shot dsc-p73 on and point and shoot, it also has a number of preprogrammed scene modes. The thumbnails below show a subset of my test images.

This is a fairly typical range, slightly biased toward the telephoto end relative to the more common mm range found on many 3x zoom-equipped cameras. When Playback zoom is enabled, all four arrows scroll around within the enlarged view, while pressing the center button returns to the normal, 1x display. Read my Battery Shootout page for information on how well various brands of NiMH batteries perform under actual test conditions.

Another feature I wish more manufacturers would emulate, even on lower-end cameras. Still, this ridge is small sony cyber shot dsc-p73 that sony cyber shot dsc-p73 probably want to keep the wrist strap securely in place while shooting. Also on the back of the camera is a button that lets you access the menu system.

Top Rated Cameras in this Category. Folks just have to have the ‘biggest’ with no need. In Playback mode, it cycles through the same series.

Sony DSC P73 Review

Dyber even features PictBridge compatibility, so you can print directly from the camera without the need of a computer. Couldn’t measure the power drain, but battery life should be quite good, based on Sony’s own battery-life numbers. Build quality Ease of use Rechargeable batteries and a charger supplied by Sony. While you can’t change these directly, it’s very nice to know what settings sony cyber shot dsc-p73 camera has selected.

The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. The Menu button also turns off the menu display.

Choices are 4M 2, x 1,3: Multi Burst shots are played back as a slow-motion animation on the camera, but appear as a single large file with 16 sub-images in it when viewed on a xsc-p73.