I think the Toshiba M30 is very cool looking but the design of a notebook is very subjective. If you are just doing word-processing or surfing the net on low processor power, the computer will run pretty cool. You might want external speakers if you want a lot of volume and bass, but for normal use the internal ones are more than adequate for me. Hands-on with the Thinkware F Pro: We like the wide form factor, however, which balances in your arm better than most notebooks do. Overall, the selection of ports and slots on the Satellite M30 series is excellent.

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It is made of plastic and toshiab treated too roughly it would probably snap off. Toshiba M30 Image Gallery. If you play games, run the processor at full speed toshiba satellite pro m30. To test and compare this notebooks processor performance to other notebooks I ran the program called Super Pi download link: Despite terrible names, the camera and audio capabilities make it a contender.

Overall, the selection of ports and slots on the Satellite M30 series is excellent. I thought this feature, which lets you play DVD s staellite CD s without turning on your computer, would be worth mentioning. I wanted a Centrino for the extra battery life. Please review our toshiba satellite pro m30 of service to complete your newsletter subscription.


There is only an SD card reader on this notebook. The charcoal-gray-and-silver colour scheme is exceptionally toshib, too.

Toshiba Satellite M30 Review (pics, specs) |

Summary Pros, Cons and Sattellite The company’s Web site offers downloads, FAQs, e-mail tech-support, and so toshiba satellite pro m30 to take care of most of your needs but not as comprehensive as we’d like to see.

A feature I found particularly cool on this notebook is the monitor-in toshiba satellite pro m30. With one program, you can set it up so a motion of your finger from each of the 4 corners can open up different files, folders etc. A lot of handset for a competitive price.

Toshiba Satellite M30 Review (pics, specs)

I personally preferred the look and ergonomics of the Toshiba, but for the same price the Acer had more features. I also noticed that some applications lag a bit when the drive speeds up. The touchpad sits nicely just below the keyboard; it’s responsive, and it tracks smoothly. There are also buttons to activate the Express Media Player, ,30 switch to monitor-in, toshiba satellite pro m30 for S-Video out.

I was able to use Partition Magic without difficulty to split this up into 3 toshiba satellite pro m30 partitions. After 2 years of questionable computer services toshiba satellite pro m30 my local College, I decided a laptop would be useful in University.

It reads and burns pretty much everything at varying speeds, which I have listed below:. To the right, there are indicators for AC power, power-on, and if the battery is charged or charging.


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Toshiba provides some interesting software for the touchpad. To the left, there are some media-related indicators.

When closed, the top toshkba metallic-silver, and the bottom is black. Behind a small flap, there is a USB port toshiba satellite pro m30 the monitor-in port. Tapping on the keypad acts as the left mouse button, which I find useful. There is no parallel port, but it toshiba satellite pro m30 t really make a difference to me. Newsletters You have been successfully signed up. My digital camera uses xD picture cards anyway, and I haven t seen a notebook that supports this format yet.

Toshiba provides a program to slow down the speed, thus making it nearly silent.

Kick off your day with ZDNet’s toshiba satellite pro m30 email newsletter. Toshiba Satellite M30 series The fan makes a bit of noise, but only kicks in when a heavy demand is placed on the computer. It’s the freshest tech news and opinion, served hot.