Ian, Sep 30, I did a Driver Update and manually pointed to the driver inf file. This didn’t work with my original programs, so I removed it and tried to reinstall the drivers. Senior Software Engineer – Embedded Software. I then installed MyCinema and discovered that it isn’t actually video capture software, just video enhancement ASUS Splendid , which leaves me back at square 1 ie I can capture video or audio, depending on which packeage I use, but I can’t capture both at the same time. Some give good video and no sound, others give good sound and lousy video, but nine give good sound AND video. I’m hoping to transfer some home videos to DVD.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of either the tv-7135lp software for the card, or a suitable package known to work correctly with this card? The second link tv-7135lp where I got the tv-7135lp. Hi Paul Not looking good!

Paul, Oct 1, An easier method, I tv-7135lp, but it doesn’t give the option to edit the video trim as necessary, effects, menu etc. After that, you can post your question tv-7135lp our members will help you out. They tv-7135lp seem to be able to do this!

Ian, Oct 9, Discussion in ‘Asus’ tv-7135lp by Ian, Sep 30, The capture software 3. Good point well made.

tv-7135lp I’m tv-7135lp to transfer some home tvv-7135lp to DVD. Hi Paul Don’t ask me how or why, but I’ve got everything working together now. In Device Manager, there was a driver installed and reported as working correctly.

I removed the drivers for the capture card and my audio drivers. tv-7135lp


As for the “officially provided software” tv-7135lp I don’t have any. Thanks for the thought. What I’d like to know is how to obtain a professional digital TV tuner card; they don’t tv-7135lp to exist, it’s all consumer rubbish.

Ask a Question Want to reply to this tv-7135lp or ask your own question? Paul, Oct 8, Otherwise it’s working fine. My problem originally is with capture tv-7135lp. Is there software factory for Tablet PC like Mobile software facto.

Asus TV 7135 LP/FM/PAL/NEC TV PCI Card

It’s too quick to read. I then tried removing the driver and tv-7135lp the driver.

This didn’t work with my original programs, tv-7135lp I removed it and tried to reinstall the drivers. It’s all working fine with VirtualDub 1. tv-7135lp

Paul You’ve given me a few things to investigate. I then reinstalled the audio drivers, tv-7135lp the card drivers. It seems a bit useless tv-7135lp you tv-7135lp just download the drivers, what did ASUS say when you contacted them?

Ian, Oct 3, I’ll let you know how Tv-7135lp get on with the rest when I’ve had a chance to look. The card was a freebie without software and I’m trying tv-7135lp get it working with a “generic” fv-7135lp as ASUS can’t or won’t provide me with the official CD!

Hi Gerry I have tv-7135lp the drivers though I’m currently having problems following experimentation. Ian, Oct 2,